Financial Aid: Your step-by-step guide on how to apply

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The cost of tuition should not stand in the way of getting a college education. At CCAC, nearly half of all students receive some financial aid and/or scholarships. The CCAC Financial Aid Office at the appropriate campus/center will help walk you through the application process.


File a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Applicants should apply at least 10 weeks before the first day of the semester for which the aid is required. CCAC’s School Codes are: Allegheny Campus/Homewood-Brushton Center – 003231; Boyce Campus/Braddock Hills Center – E00563; North Campus/West Hills Center – E00564; South Campus/Washington County Center – E00565.

The FAFSA application is available online at

Apply early!

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can be completed as soon as the appropriate tax forms are completed. Complete your FAFSA online. It’s easy and processing results takes about two weeks. Applying online is faster and more accurate. The online FAFSA has built-in edits to prevent students from missing required information.


After the FAFSA is completed, a Student Aid Report (SAR) will be forwarded to you and an electronic version will be forwarded to CCAC. You should review your SAR for accuracy. The SAR contains an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC), which is used to calculate your eligibility for federal financial aid. The CCAC Financial Aid office uses the EFC to determine the types and amounts of aid the student is eligible to receive. The student is responsible for reviewing the information on the SAR for accuracy. Corrections can be made on the SAR online at

CCAC will send a letter notifying you of any additional documentation needed to complete the process before financial aid is awarded. A list of missing documents, as well as the financial aid award can be viewed online at



Once the Financial Aid Office has received all required documents and your file has been reviewed for accuracy, you will be sent an Award Notification Letter detailing your eligibility for aid. Your award will be based on your eligibility for aid, your enrollment status, as well as the availability of funds.

The financial aid process does take time and in some cases awards may not be made before tuition is due. Should this be the case, you will need to pay for your courses by the tuition due date (a two-installment tuition payment plan is available). If financial aid is awarded, you will be reimbursed when the funds become available.

Once CCAC receives any grant or scholarship funds for which you are eligible, they are credited against your tuition and fees for the term. You can view your financial aid award letter online using CCAC Central e-Services. It is your responsibility to compare your financial aid award with your tuition and fee costs, and if the financial aid is less than the total cost, the balance is due by the tuition due date.

CCAC offers the Federal Direct Student Loan program, which provides low-interest loans for students and parents from the Department of Education. If you want to supplement your financial aid award with loans, you can find out more about this direct lending program, or contact the appropriate campus financial aid office. All students applying for a Direct Loan must complete a Master Promissory Note, which can be completed online at

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact the appropriate financial aid office:

Allegheny Campus/Homewood-Brushton Center: 412.237.2589
Boyce Campus/Braddock Hills Center: 724.325.6602
North Campus/West Hills Center: 412.369.3656
South Campus/Washington County: 412.469.6241

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